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Aido Seiya ~ I-Chu by merlinfan
Aido Seiya ~ I-Chu
Despite it probably still having loads of mistakes I've foolishly overlooked.
But I think it's still possibly the best one I've ever done so--
I started playing the new Japanese Idol rhythm game I-chu and wanted to draw this happy Labrador Aido. I guess it's partially a request since I would've given up on it not even half way through if it hadn't been for my friend, who I don't think I've seen anyone so excited about my art.
But after messing around with the backgrounds too - which I am TOTALLY inexperienced in- this was the result
I'll stop rambling now.
Time: Honest to god, I don't know - about 20 hours 
Morning Haze by merlinfan
Morning Haze
I got bored of my twitter icon and thought I'd try drawing myself one...
More colour practise too - I think I'm starting to get the hang of how they work?? I was watching a tutorial that was explaining about colour reflections and such, so you can tell I tried to apply that
Yeah, I'm still suffering from impatience to see this movie, but this is probably how I'd imagine Ko on a sunny morning in SF without having to get up to do any work.

I hope I captured his beauty right <3
Do you ever look back at your work and how you used to be like 3 years ago and want to erase your existane
Shinkane by merlinfan
Okay this one's p gross
I don't know what drove me to even finish this after realising how much I detested it, but I saw this adorable fanart and wanted to do my own redraw of it, this being the result... unfortunately.
Shinya and Akane from the movie (Is it just me or is he so much cooler now that he's joined the Guerrilla??) with a shot of the Shambala Float temple, if that's what it's called. 
Waiting for this movie feels like years..
Ko by merlinfan
Absolute husband material right here
Kogami Shinya from Psycho-Pass, AKA probably one of the best animes I've ever seen
Honestly, I wasn't expecting it to be quite that dark but I enjoyed it anyway, and I'm still annoyed that nothing ever happened between Ko and Akane (New otp). Just started season 2 as well and I've never been so desperate for the movie to come out. Thank god it's only (?) 22 days until it's released in Japan!
Actually... This was a little take on my favourite artist's style.. Again, I was experimenting with colour and since I have absolutely no idea, I wanted to test out with the way she uses her colours, which are some absolutely amazing combinations.
Ohmai, when was the last time I wrote a journal entry?! O.o
(Don't worry, it's not a life update.. really.)
So basically, after seeing some AMAZING examples, I've decided to start making a fursuit, or at least a mask (I wants them digilegs too :I). I've looked up on the internet for some good tutorials, with foam, plastic mesh, resin, etc; but what's the EASIEST and most effective method/ material to use? I'm totally new at this, so I have absolutely NO clue. Any tips are GREATLY appreciated! ^-^

19 days till Christmas! :iconyaayplz:

P.S: :iconthegameplz:
Just because I can |D
  • Mood: Peaceful
  • Listening to: Anything
  • Reading: Blue Exorcist manga
  • Watching: Blue Exorcist
  • Playing: Halo 4
  • Eating: Pancakes
  • Drinking: Pepsi


merlinfan's Profile Picture
Amy Shakuma
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Credit for webcam pic :iconfancy-finch:
:SNK: Jean stamp by Yellow--Arrow

I am 15 years old, I'm an animal lover and drawing is what I do in my free time. My favourite TV show is Supernatural, and my favourite anime is Attack on Titan. Also, my mother is an artist which is who I get my drawing spirit from. I also do poetry and have a poem published in a children's poetry book (I wrote this when I was 11). I have a strange obsession with demons... which, I wouldn't say they're my favourite animal ('cause they're not animals), but probably my favourite species (characterwise. I am NOT a Satanist, or whatever you call it. Nor do I worship Satan or anything like that. Just, demon fictional characters are my interest.)


Destiel (Supernatural)
SkyeWard (Agents of shield)
Romanogers (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)
JeanMarco/Jeankasa (Attack on Titan

Favourite fictional characters (In order)

Attack on Titan (SNK):
1. Jean Kirstein/Kirschtein (What even is the actual spelling of his last name?)
2. Eren Jaeger
3. Levi Heichou
4. Mikasa Ackerman

The Avengers:
1. Steve Rogers
2. Loki
3. Tony Stark
4. Black Widow

The Last of Us:
1. Joel
2. Ellie

1. Castiel
2. Dean Winchester
3. Meg Masters
4. Sam Winchester

Vampire Knight:
1. Kaname Kuran
2. Yuki Cross
3. Zero Kiryu
4. Aido Hanabusa
5. Senri Shiki

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas:
1. Alone/ Hades
2. Pandora
3. Hypnos
4. Thanatos
5.Kagaho de Bennu

Blue Exorcist
1. Mephisto Pheles
2. Amaimon
3. Rin Okumura
4. Shura Kirigakure
5. Yukio Okumura
6. Kuro
7. Renzo Shima

Warrior Cats
1. Hawkfrost
2. Scourge
3. Leafpool
4. Brambleclaw
5. Tigerstar

Wolf's Rain
1. Kiba

Black Butler
1. Sebastian Michaelis
2. Ciel Phantomhive
3. Alois Trancy

Close friends:
:iconwarrioroffheart: :iconanonymoushybrid: :iconwarrioreyes: :iconhanazaaroura: :iconkazziemoa:
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten any of my other friends. I still luff chu!~ <3

Supernatural by kicsianna Supernatural stamp by kshapiro Team Castiel - stamp by Flaminia hey ass butt stamp by DontCallMeSammy
Vampire Knight stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Vampire Knight Stamp. by Elianan Vampire Knight Stamp by Gixye Vampire Knight Stamp by maripinkkirby Vampire Knight Stamp by RandomTons Zero Kiryuu Stamp by ReverieSummoner Kaname Kuran Stamp by ReverieSummoner Stamp Yuuki Cross Fan by ReikoLynx Zero+Yuki stamp by crimsonfire3 stamp - yume by DemonAngelWings
Lost Canvas Stamp by ladamadelasestrellas Alone Sama by Saint-Seiya-Power
AnEx - Mephisto STAMP by Umi-Mizuno Mephisto Stamp by VanessaGiratina Mephisto stamp by NamiYami Mephisto Stamp by MikuFregapane Ao No Exorcist - Dog Mephisto stamp by Ekumimi AnE:Mephisto and Amaimon Stamp by Leiriope :thumb307882524: Amaimon is watching - Stamp by Dracomin Okumura Rin Stamp by ReverieSummoner Okumura's Mustache. by kuromix3 Shura Stamp by Melodious-Muse Yukio Okumura - Stamp by Tainaka (They need to make a MephistoxShura stamp >:I) Mephisto Laughs at you by Melodious-Muse DemonBrothers Stamp by Integra13 Stamp ~ Ao no Exorcist badass crew by Judiette Stamp ~ Ao no Exorcist's cool flaming logo by Judiette Ao no Exorcist stamp by DesuSigMaker Ao no Exorcist Stamp by AdryJustend Ao no Exorcist Stamp by ReverieSummoner
MARVEL Stamp by TwilightProwler Avengers Assemble Stamp by TwilightProwler MARVEL Captain America Stamp by TwilightProwler Chris Evans Stamp by peeplup123 Loki stamp by MariaPereira Iron Man Stamp by mrTwisby
Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro Jean stamp by Superpluplush Eren Jaeger Stamp by Nabiryi Levi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi Mikasa Ackerman Stamp by Nabiryi

Thank you for stalking my page!
Some more to keep you busy (People I admire):
:iconninjakato: :iconryderzenen: :iconkalambo: :iconcederin: <--(Old account :iconlillhanna:) :iconmarkcrilley: :iconyolly-anda: :iconcreanima: :iconspottedfire-cat: :iconfancy-finch:

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